I’ve have had a plaque on my desk for decades which says “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” I hope to let you know how much I care.

This company was begun by a landlord because he didn’t feel he was being treated correctly by other tenant placement services.

We aren’t doing you a favor, you are doing us a favor.

This company does everything from the landlord’s perspective. The speed, fees, and discounts are all landlord focused. Fee reduction happens if we are slow to get your place rented.

As a landlord you want a hassle free rental and that begins with the tenant placement. Our goal is to find you a resident so we don’t get your business in a year, and we do just that, economically and quickly. And when you do come back we offer loyalty discounts.

We are currently doing Tenant Placement Services in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Southern Harford County, and Northern Anne Arundel County.

How fast is our tenant placement? There are many factors to determine that: the area your rental is in, the amenities level of your rental, the amenities level of your competition, the rent you choose and the marketing efforts. All these come together to determine the time it takes to get your place rented. We would like to promise we can do it in XX days, but we can’t. Too many factors we can’t control. Those who promise, haven’t been able to deliver 100% of the time. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but we do penalize ourselves if it’s not leased by our contracted deadline with our tenant placement services. You get a fee reduction if we miss the deadline.

We do things a bit differently, because we try to think like a tenant. We try to find out what the tenants would really like to have in their home and let that power our tenant placement. We list everything about your property in the listing, so you are presented in the best light with your new tenant. Plus every listing states the requirements to rent at the beginning, right after the headline. No need to bring people through your property who can’t qualify.

Everyone who applies provides us with

  • Current Contact information
  • Rental history
  • References
  • Employer information
  • Paystubs
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Eviction Background Check

Once the application is in-house we will review their information against your criteria for your rental. If they don’t qualify, we will notify them of the same.

If they are borderline, or have some special requests, we will contact you to see if you want to accept them or not. If they qualify, and you have authorized us to act, we will begin the lease up process. If you want to review them before lease up, no problem.

Our fairly bulletproof lease, which served us well for years (and is reviewed by attorneys regularly) is available to you. But if you would prefer we use your lease we will be glad to accommodate.

Some of our benefits for you are:

  • Our exclusive contract is only 31 days long. After that you are free to add on anyone else. (You can even fire us.)
  • You are only charged for the initial placement. Why should anyone charge you for the renewal if they didn’t do anything.
  • *** We give you a date when it will be leased up, if it takes longer we reduce our fee.
  • You can use our lease if you want to. It’s a pretty strong lease, you can view a copy if you like. We can use your lease as well.
  • Fast response to all calls, text and emails from potential tenants. Keeping on top of that communication is key.
  • You don’t have to deal with all the calls and showings to get your place rented. All you really want is a resident who never calls, never causes damage and pays on time.
  • We guarantee our tenants for 1 year. It’s up to your Property Manager to keep them happy enough to renew.

Our Fee for Tenant Placement Services:

When you look at our fee structure you’ll see it’s a bit different. Realize that a landlord set it up. The point is, shouldn’t the landlord get rewarded for having a property we can get rented for them?

Placement fee is 100% of first month’s rent (Minimum $995)


After you have used us 15 times, you begin to earn Loyalty Discounts, up to 10% off.


If we don’t find you a tenant by the time we say we will then we are penalized with a further fee discount of 1% a week until we do.


If you bring us a lead that rents, we cut our fee by 10%


Our Tenant Placement Services in Baltimore is guaranteed for their first year. If the tenant we place is evicted during that first year then we will find you another tenant for free. If they break their lease during the first year we will prorate our fee as we find a new tenant.


Our marketing begins before we even have a contract with you. We gather basic information from you about your property and give you an idea of where the rent is currently falling in that area. This helps set a realistic rent for a quick placement.

Then you provide us with property information which we use to develop your ad. Creating the proper ad is critical. Then finding the right place to advertise your property is the icing on the cake.

We create a great descriptive ad for your property and really begin the tenant placement work. Then we place all the photos, the more the better, into the ad and begin our marketing campaign. Our marketing is exclusively on-line. We use at minimum 30 sites for your listing (like Zumper, Realtor.com, Walk Score, Zillow Rental Network, Apartments.com, Apartment List). Depending on the type of property it could go as high as 80 but not usually as those are very specific websites.

If you want a sign in the yard, we can do that for an extra charge.

As the calls and emails come in, we start gathering information and prequalifying those leads. At the time of Final application we gather paystubs and further documentation.

When it comes to property tours, we provide guided tours of the property. We don’t try to convince someone to rent who really doesn’t want to move in. Pushing someone into the property can create a poor tenant for you.

We can install a security camera for $5 a day that records the activity of every prospective tenant.

We Have Rental Agents To Give Tours For All Properties

To get your unit rented fast we will:

  • Shoot interior/exterior pictures of your property
  • Produce a walkthrough video for YouTube
  • List your property on over 30 websites
  • If you want a “For Rent” yard sign out front, we’ll do that too for an extra charge
  • We can advertise elsewhere or differently for an additionally fee
  • If you still have tenants in the property, we will coordinate showings
  • You will be notified regularly of the activity on the property
  • We reach out to everyone who viewed the property and attempt to get their feedback for you
  • We continue to reach out to those who have shown interest until they indicate a rental decision
  • Work with your current management company

Final Lease Up

When the new tenants are finally approved and it’s time to sign them to a 1 year lease

To get your unit rented fast we will:

  • handle everything with the new tenant
  • have the new tenant sign the lease and security deposit receipt
  • collect the first months rent and security deposit
  • not sign the lease until the first month’s rent is collected
  • not release keys until the first month’s rent is collected
  • complete a Move In condition report with the new tenant
  • provide you with an electronic copy of the signed lease, security deposit receipt, move in report (unless you want the actual paper for these), the first months rent, the security deposit and our paid invoice.

We want to reduce tenant turnover expense by

  • providing you fast tenant placement
  • giving you tenants who will renew their lease
  • reducing our fees for loyal customers
  • penalizing us if we don’t perform quickly
  • guaranteeing our tenants