The Tenant Placement Group provides Tenant Placement Services in Baltimore that are Landlord Centric.

We count it a privilege to serve the Landlord in placing tenants.

Without your rental, we would have no business.

We truly do care that the Landlord makes money. If you make money, we make money.

Help enough people get what they want and we get what we want. We actually believe that.

This Tenant placement service of Baltimore and surrounding counties intends to provide a placement service that will

  • Reward for loyalty
  • Penalize the tenant placement service for delay
  • Produce solid tenants that renew
  • Charge a fair price
  • Keep the landlord informed of the process

If you want a security camera, we can do that.
If you want a sign out front, we can do that.
If you want regular reports, we already do that.

From a landlord’s dream of a fair, honest, and hardworking placement service came the simple birth of this tenant placement service in Baltimore.