There must be a reason for you to choose us. Let me give you a few we thought of.

We understand that

All you really want is a resident who never calls, never causes damage, pays on time and renews at an increase.

That’s our goal for you as well.

  • We can work with your current management company to make sure things go smoothly for the new tenant.
  • You are only charged for the initial placement. Why should anyone charge you for the renewal if they didn’t do anything
  • If you would prefer not to rent to Section 8 tenants, we can do that legally.
  • You can have an exclusive or non-exclusive contract
  • Our exclusive contract is only 31 days long. After that you are free to add on anyone else. (You can even fire us.)
  • We give you a deadline when we will have the unit leased up. After that we reduce our fee 1% a week until we find someone.
  • You can use our lease at no charge.
  • We can use your lease at no set up charge.
  • We market on about 30 rental sites. If you have some you like, tell us and we will do our best to accommodate (if we don’t already use them).
  • Fast response to all calls, text and emails from landlords and potential tenants. Keeping on top of that communication is key.
  • We deal with all the calls and all the showings.
  • We gather their rental history and references. Their Employer information and paystubs. Their Credit Report, Criminal and Eviction Background Check
  • We shoot bunches and bunches of pictures of your place and produce a walkthrough video.
  • We deal with all the details and disclosures of Lease-up.
  • We guarantee our tenants for 1 year.

How Quick

The big question on everyone’s minds is, HOW FAST CAN YOU GET ME A TENANT? Because everyday without a tenant is money out of you pocket.

We don’t say we can place a tenant in 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, sometime this year.

Because we don’t know. It depends on a list of things we can’t control. The area your rental is in, the amenities level of your rental, the amenities level of your competition, the rent you choose, how many better renovations are available and how many people are actually looking for a new place right now. Then it falls to us to get it done for you.

But we take on you property with contracted deadline. And if we miss it, we penalize ourselves and reduce our fee to you.

We would like to promise we can do it in XX days, but we can’t.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We try to think like a tenant. So you may hear us say “You should consider this” or “You should change that”. We’re not trying to spend your money. We know what the tenants are saying and we want to get this rented for you NOW.

On every unit we shoot interior/exterior pictures, produce a walkthrough video for YouTube, so we don’t bring people through that can’t use it, list your property on over 30 websites (closer to 50). If you still have tenants in the property, we will coordinate showings. We reach out to everyone who viewed the property and attempt to get their feedback for you and we continue to reach out to those who have shown interest until they indicate a rental decision.

If you have a management company, we will work with them to make things go smoothly for the new tenant.

You will receive a report from us regularly on the activity of your property.


We gather basic information from you about your property and give you an idea of where the rent is currently falling in that area. This helps set a realistic rent for a quick placement.

After that you provide us with property information which we use to develop your ad. Creating the proper ad is critical. This is not something we throw together. Each attribute of your property needs to be highlighted. We take all the photos, the more the better, and begin our marketing campaign. Only after we have the right ad do we place the ad so the public can see and respond.

After we create a great descriptive ad for your property, the tenant placement work begins.

Our marketing is exclusively on-line. We use at minimum 30 sites for your listing (like Zumper,, Walk Score, Zillow Rental Network,, Apartment List).

Depending on the type of property it could go as high as 80 but not usually as those are very specific websites.

If you want a sign in the yard, we can do that for an extra charge.

As the calls and emails come in, we start gathering information and prequalifying those leads. At the time of Final application we gather paystubs and further documentation.

When it comes to property tours, we provide guided tours of the property. We don’t try to convince someone to rent who really doesn’t want to move in. Pushing someone into the property can create a poor tenant for you.

As soon as we have a qualified tenant we contact you via email to have you approve or disapprove or ask for more information.

Once approved, we can usually sign the lease within a few days.

We want to reduce tenant turnover expense by

providing you fast tenant placement

giving you tenants who will renew their lease

reducing our fees for loyal customers

penalizing us if we don’t perform quickly

guaranteeing our tenants

working with your management company

You’ll like working with us.