We currently are placing Tenants in Baltimore City, Baltimore County..

Our network of rental agents is greater in those areas, so for now, we can best serve landlords in those areas.

We never promise what we can’t deliver, so we don’t take clients in areas we don’t service well.

We promise to start penalizing ourselves if we haven’t found you a tenant quickly. So we are not going to take on clients if we can’t perform under those restrictions.

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If the prospective tenant doesn’t qualify then we don’t take them through your home. When we do find someone, we’ll lease them up with our lease (or yours).

By limiting our area, we can respond quickly to prospective tenant requests and best take care of maintaining our marketing for your property.

All this is included in our fee.

We want to reduce tenant turnover expense by

  • providing you fast tenant placement
  • giving you tenants who will renew their lease
  • reducing our fees for loyal customers
  • penalizing us if we don’t perform quickly
  • guaranteeing our tenants

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