Tenant Placement Services Fee Structure

 Our Placement fee is 1 month’s rent. We do have a minimum of $995.

 We offer loyalty discounts, up to 10% discount, beginning at 15 placements.

 It’s unfair for a placement service to get their entire fee no matter how long it takes to get a tenant. WE DON’T DO THAT.

If it takes longer than our contracted deadline (usually 31 days) we reduce our fee. We penalize ourselves 1% each week till your unit is filled.

Another thing.  If you bring us the lead, then we reduce our fee another 10%!


Our Tenant Placement Services in Baltimore is guaranteed for their first year.

If the tenant we place is evicted during that first year then we will find you another tenant for free.
If they break their lease during the first year we will prorate our fee.